Colorado Topped $1 Billion in Legal Marijuana Sales in 2016

Tom Huddleston, Jr. Dec 13, 2016  A Billion?!?!?!? It only took Colorado 10 months to pass $1 billion in legal cannabis sales in 2016, one year after the state came up just shy of that milestone revenue figure. Marijuana businesses in Colorado, which voted to legalize the drug recreationally in 2012, reported roughly $1.1 billion in legal sales […]

Pros and Cons of Cheap Protein Powder

  by:   There are tons of cheap protein powder on the market lately, promising to be the same or in some cases better than the premium well known products, but is it true? First of all is there any difference in quality between premium protein and cheap protein powder. The short answer is absolutely […]

Authors – Nick Cheadle & Elliot Reimers Nutrition – it’s a complex topic. Do you need carbs or do you avoid them altogether? You can’t eat bread, ice cream and pizza, but you can and should eat celery, chicken and spinach, right? What’s the deal with sugar? Are 8 meals per day better than 6? Depending on what […]

Xyrem Information 🤔

By Trinka Porrata If you have the debilitating COMBINATION of narcolepsy and cataplexy, it is possible that the “official” GHB (tradename Xyrem) might help that condition, by reducing the incidence of cataplexy.  It is claimed that Xyrem reduces the incidence by 70 percent.   (Comparison: an ongoing study says that Prozac reduces incidence of cataplexy by […]

Why Taking Pre-Workout Supplements Might Be a Bad Idea…Maybe??!??

Pre-workout supplements are powders that get added to water and are consumed before a workout. They provide extra energy and supposed nutritional benefits. But are these powders actually healthy for you? Some brands claim to give you “immediate energy, focus, and strength,” others “advanced strength” and some even “explosive energy.” Putting something into your body that claims […]