Sharp launches two new Aquos 4K LCD TVs into the Japanese market

This article caught my eye due to the fact another big electronics company put out another monster t.v. to be launched in Japan. The advancements in technology overseas  is always dumbed down to the general population here in the states. Makes me wonder if something as simple as a television is so far advanced in Japan what other technologies are being delayed as in medical equipment, hospital monitors and things of that nature.

The American population has had the idea pounded into their heads that we are the “worlds super power” until you see the advances the rest of the world has made, you would think that way

Most of the “cool” gadgets we have today originated overseas and I wonder how many life saving technologies are being held back from the population and have stayed there. 

Don’t be fooled by the crap the media puts out there, plenty of things will be held back from people here, even though its not about a television there is advances in technologies that could save a life….Just a rambling thought

Sharp has just introduced a couple of high-end TVs if you’re rich enough to be seeking an UltraHD set and lucky enough to live in Japan: the 70-inch LC-70UD1 and the 60-inch LC-60UD1, part of the new 4K Aquos UD1 series. Each will feature Sharp’s 4K “Moth-eye” panel, Aquos 4K-Master Engine Pro HD upconversion engine, 2.1 channel THX surround and 3D capability. The 70-inch model will run 850,000 yen ($8,290) and launch on June 15th, while the 60-inch set will arrive August 10th for 650,000 yen ($6,335). There’s no word yet on a stateside arrival, but based on what Sharp said at CES 2013 in January, it may join a 32-inch 4K Aquos model sometime later this year.


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