How to combat sugar withdrawals…

Despite the fact that most people cannot imagine life without sugar, studies have shown that in addition to good taste, sugar is not needed to a human body. Cakes, chocolate, sweet drinks … Can anyone resist them? If your day is not complete without a few bars of chocolate, sugary foods, carbonated drinks then it is definitely time to withdraw the sugar. We bring you reasons why you should withdraw sugar and how to solve these bad habits.

Reasons for sugar withdrawal

1. Sugar is NOT food

  • These are pure calories that actually draw vitamins from your other bodies organs to digest sugar.

2. Sugar is fattening

  • It’s jam-packed with calories which produce fatty layers on your body.

3. Sugar makes you nervous

  • A connection exists between extra sugar and different disorders like anxiety, schizophrenia and depression, because of the high levels of adrenaline and insulin.

4. Sugar can cause heart, diabetes, and kidney disease

  • Extra sugar can disrupt the pancreas to function normally.

5. Sugar kills your teeth

  • Increasing the number of bacteria in your mouth, sugar destroys the tooth enamel.

6. Sugar damages your immune system

  • It prevents the body from defending itself from diseases.

7. Sugar creates wrinkles

  • High intake of sugar destroys the collagen.

How to withdraw sugar

The first step in sugar withdrawal is identifying where exactly it is in the food that you eat. It has been shown that only 30% of sugar is in the form of food (chocolate, candy, sweet drinks), and the rest of the “hidden” sugar is in the low-fat yogurts, canned beans or even in a glass of orange juice. To help you succeed in the first step, follow what is written on the label. All products that have more than 20 grams of sugar per serving are considered foods with high sugar content. If the amount of sugar is not listed, look under a different name because it can hide under names such as “sucrose”, “dextrose”, “maltose”, “glucose”, corn syrup, malt. If any of these ingredients appears in the top three, the product probably contains too much sugar.

If you are a person who often chooses these foods, it is time to tackle your addiction. For two weeks, you should conduct a sugar withdrawal diet.

What to eat

If you live in a “vortex of sugar,” reduced amounts will contribute to a decrease in your energy during the establishment of a balanced diet. You may also experience mood changes – because there will be no further outbursts of serotonin. Therefore it is necessary to follow these tips:

Unprocessed carbohydrates

Foods that contain starch may improve your mood. If you eat white bread, pasta made from white flour, white rice they can provoke the same rise in blood sugar, like eating sugar. So, choose lentils, beans, integral pasta, ordinary bran, sweet potatoes, brown rice, young potatoes, rye bread, cornflakes and chick peas.

Chicken and milk products

Proteins from these foods stabilize the blood sugar levels, increase the level of chemicals in the brain that improve mood and increase energy. In fact, it was confirmed that people are more energetic, more alert and full of confidence within 30 minutes after consuming 75-125 grams of fish, chicken or beans.


Frequent and small meals help with sugar withdrawals, because it maintains the required level of sugar in the blood. To achieve the best results, an ideal snack should contain cherries, nuts, plums, popcorn, pears, apples, dried apricots or low-fat yogurt.

How to defeat the crisis?

Although this diet plan is designed to reduce the desire for sugar, for some it will increase. If this happens to you, take a little arctic rose. This herb can be bought in stores, and quickly raises the level of serotonin by 30%. Also, a good solution to calm the desire for sugar is 10 minutes of exercise or walking. It is possible to calm the cravings for sweets f you sniff some vanilla, and if you are too desperate then eat only one chocolate square.

When you start to eat healthy your body will eventually begin the process of detoxification, because it doesn’t need that much sugar. The period of detoxification lasts 3 to 5 days, and it’s something you have to go through in order to rid your body of the sugar addiction. Tell your friends and family what you’re trying to do in order to have their support through the recovery process. People that are helping you need to know that they cannot satisfy your needs, and take care not to come into temptation.


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