Talk about a headache…

Talk about a headache.

A man suffering from migraines had a six-inch long worm-like parasite burrowing underneath his skull.



Wang Ming of Chengdu, China, had suffered from severe headaches, convulsions and fainting fits for several months.

Doctors sent the 60-year-old for X-rays and made the disturbing discovery.


Wang underwent a three-hour operation to remove the parasite at First People’s Hospital of Shuangliu county.

The hospital’s director of neurosurgery, Wang Biao, said it was unlike anything he’d ever seen, and blamed the infection on eating undercooked seafood.

“Aquatic organisms typically contain many parasites; If people don’t cook frog or eel properly, the animal’s parasites may enter the human body,” he said, according to Shanghaiist.

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