Butter or Margarine…

Nowadays food is confusing, so let me help you quiet the noise and decide what’s best.

Let’s take a look at butter versus margarine.

We’ll run them through a few common sense challenges to see which makes more sense.


Challenge 1: Keep It Simple Sally – KISS

How is butter made?

God made cows and cows produce milk.

To make butter you milk the cow and shake the milk until it turns into butter.

Sounds simple enough.

How is margarine made?

Margarine is made by a process called hydrogenation.

What is Hydrogenation? It’s complicated, so rather than explain it I’ll send you here – (how margarine is made).

Did you read it? It’s not simple, and it’s not natural – at all.

Recap: God made butter and it’s natural. Chemists make margarine and it’s anythingbut natural.

KISS challenge winner? BUTTER!

Challenge 2: What Does Nature Teach

Since God created the world, I like to turn to His creation when I’m stumped.

So let’s ask the ants!

Dear ants, would you prefer margarine, low-fat margarine, or butter?

Butter or Margarine

Recap: God’s creatures show us the clear choice.

Nature challenge winner? BUTTER!

Overall Winner


Now you can buy and eat butter with confidence, just make sure it’s from pasture-raised (aka grass-fed) cows – and get it raw if possible.


Why pasture-raised? We’ll save this for another article, but just picture cows spread out in a sunny pasture eating grass. Now picture cows crammed together in a feed lot eating ground up corn plants and standing in six inches of manure. Which cow would you rather get your meat and dairy products from? (See, common sense is powerful!)

You can find good pasture-raised butter here. Or visit LocalHarvest.org to find a local source.

Check out this article about butter (a superfood?!) that we love!

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