Let’s (Not) Do the Twist

Testicular torsion is something you don’t ever want your boys to experience. During torsion, the cords that lead from the testicle to the abdomen get twisted around. There are certain situations that make this more likely to happen, such as physical activity or cold weather (when your testes want to climb up inside to get warm); but really, it can happen at any time.

If it does happen, you will know. Symptoms include severe pain and scrotal swelling and perhaps even nausea and vomiting because the pain is just that darn bad. This type of injury is a medical emergency because the blood supply to your testicle is being cut off. So scoot your way to the ER pronto; or in about six hours, you may be left with only one little buddy instead of two.

– See more at: http://www.chacha.com/gallery/5341/did-you-know-you-could-injure-your-junk-like-this/50777#sthash.2BAk74Zd.dpuf


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