Gluten Free Snack Ideas…

At first, gluten-free snacks seem challenging, but really the list below looks very similar to what you might have eaten as a snack before you went gluten-free. Even though you might think these snack ideas are fairly obvious, generating even the most obvious ideas helps me keep a good supply of healthy and frugal snacks in the house.

1. Water– Make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day to keep those hunger pains away. If you are dehydrated, you might think you are hungry when you are actually thirsty!

2. Sweet Potato Fries– Alexia makes a brand of frozen sweet potato fries that you can buy at SuperTarget or most well-stocked grocery stores. For a homemade version, try Gluten Free Cooking School’s Curried Sweet Potato Fries. I serve sweet potato fries with Annie’s Organic Natural Ketchup or Muir Glen Ketchup– both are gluten-free and contain no corn syrup. You can find both at most grocery stores.

3. Frozen Grapes- Debbie from Words to Eat By convinced me to try them with this post and I have been happily munching on frozen grapes ever since.

4. Marinated Carrots– Buy sliced carrot coins and marinate them overnight with your favorite low-sugar vinaigrette.

5. Edamame– You can buy frozen edamame at Whole Foods. When you get hungry, thaw a portion in hot water and squeeze lemon juice and sea salt over the top. If you want to get a little more fancy, Gluten Free By the Bay has an awesome recipe for sesame edamame salad here.

6. Natural Peanut Butter on Celery- you can also try a cream cheese version for calcium (Tofutti Cream Cheese for casein-free).

7. Toasted Pumpkin Seeds or Roasted Sunflower Seeds– Heidi of 101 Cookbooks hasthree ways of toasting pumpkin seeds. Here is a recipe for roasted sunflower seeds at Recipezaar.

8. Apple Butter on a Rice Cake– Since Apple Butter doesn’t actually contain butter, it is naturally gluten and casein free. Fat Free Vegan has a recipe for a healthy homemade Pumpkin Apple Butter. Lundberg’s Rice Cakes are gluten-free, but Quaker Rice Cakes are NOT gluten-free because of cross-contamination issues.

9. Orange Slices- I used to love when someone would peel an orange for a snack at work. Citrus is such an energizing fragrance!

10. KIND bars– I buy these for a special treat because they are a little pricey. I LOVED them when I was pregnant and had morning (all-day) sickness. You can buy KIND bars at Whole Foods or here at Amazon 30 Snack Ideas .

11. Cold Cereal– Try Envirokidz Peanut Butter Panda Puffs (you can buy this cereal here at Amazon 30 Snack Ideas , Whole Foods, or find it in some local grocery store chains) or Rice Chex at your local grocery store (make sure your cereal says gluten-free on the front of the box).

12. Chocolate Covered Dried Apricots/Bananas– Microwave 2 oz. bittersweet chocolate in 30 sec. intervals stirring until melted (or use double-boiler). When it is throughly melted, dip the apricots (halfway) or bananas (I do the whole slice). Place the fruit on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper; sprinkle with crushed nuts. Put the cookie sheet in the refrigerator until the chocolate is set.

13. Dried Fruit with Nuts– Apples and Walnuts, Pineapple and Pistachios, or Apricots and Almonds.

14. Salsa/Pico de Gallo and Chips– You can use Lundberg’s Rice Chips (there are several varieties- my favorite is the Sea Salt flavor) or your favorite gluten-free corn tortilla chip. If it is summertime, I love to make homemade pico de gallo (Chevy’s recipe here). Otherwise, I will buy a premade salsa, like Muir Glen’s Cilantro Garlic Salsa. You can also make nachos with gluten free Barbecue sauce or salsa (see Mrs. G.F.’s nachos)

15. Hard-Boiled Egg– Nothing screams low-carb like a hard-boiled egg, but it can be a satisfying mid-morning snack.

16. Pesto with Almond/Pecan Nut-Thin Crackers– Pesto can be made casein-free very easily with almonds, walnuts, etc (see my Cilantro Pesto recipe). For crackers, try Almond or Pecan Nut Thin Crackers or Mary’s Gone Crackers. If you want to try your hand at making homemade crackers- Ginger Lemon Girl has a recipe for crispy cheddar crackers.

17. Popcorn– Some consider it a junk food, but homemade popcorn in moderation is not that bad! Try adding nutritional yeast, which adds valuable B vitamins. Dairy Free Cooking has aspicy looking recipe that includes nutritional yeast.

18. Apricot Sorbet– The fast, un-gourmet way: Buy 2 (15 oz cans of fruit). Drain one can of fruit. Put the drained fruit and the undrained fruit with syrup in a Ziplock freezer bag. Freeze for 6 hours. Process in food processor until smooth. Freeze for 1 hr. Let stand at room temperature and then serve. Serves 4.

19. Tomatoes with Salt– Kalyn’s Kitchen has a recipe for Rosemary salt. When summer hits, there is nothing more yummy!

20. Waffle Sticks with Natural Peanut/Almond/Cashew Butter – You can make frozen gluten-free waffles and top with peanut butter and raisins, sesame seeds, extra peanuts, or fruit. A better alternative is to make homemade whole grain gluten free waffle sticks and freeze them for a great snack. I use this waffle maker (at Amazon) 30 Snack Ideas  to make gluten free waffle sticks.

21. Larabars– These are expensive like all health bars, but they are wonderful when you are in a pinch and very hungry! I really like them, but my two year old won’t eat them yet. You can buy them at Whole foods or at Amazon 30 Snack Ideas .

22. Chickpeas/Garbanzo Beans– Gluten Free Gobsmacked has a recipe for Fried Chickpeas. Chickpeas are packed with protein and they have a high fiber content, which prevents blood sugar levels from rising too rapidly after consuming this yummy snack.

23. Corn Tortilla with Pinto Beans/Guacamole– Corn Tortillas are a staple for celiacs and the gluten-intolerant, so they had to make the list! Karina’s Kitchen has a recipe for Joey’s Kicked up Rockin’ Guacamole.

24. Smoothies– Any way you like them! I am Gluten Free has a Blackberry smoothie recipe with both flax seed and agave syrup.

25. Pepperoni– Hormel makes a gluten-free pepperoni and it is my toddler’s favorite snack. Not exactly fat-free, but a few pepperonis make my little boy smile!

26. Lettuce Wrap– Bibb Lettuce with tuna (try Cindalou’s recipe); or wrap hummus in lettucelike Vegan Momma.

27. CookiesMuffins, or Breads– Bake on the weekends and freeze baked goods to have on-hand during the week. Prepackaged gluten free convenience foods are inferior to homemade because gluten free baked goods can be made healthier and cheaper at home. Gluten free baked goods are hard to keep fresh on a store shelf because they have a shorter shelf life than their gluten counterparts. Check out Gluten Free Food Reviews for Karen’s opinion on some of the gluten-free snacks you can buy in the store or online.

28. Juice Popsicles– Elise at Simply Recipes has a how-to on making juice popsicles. These are great for kids in the summertime.

29. Brown Rice Tortilla Wraps– Food for Life Brown Rice Tortillas do the trick as long as I microwave the tortilla until warm. Here is my recipe for Turkey Pesto wraps. If you just don’t like them, try Book of Yum’s brilliant trick of broiling GF tortillas with pesto.

30. Soup– If you make homemade chicken stock (here’s how) every week, you can make soup in a snap. My favorite store-bought gluten free soup is Thai Kitchen’s Garlic Vegetable Instant Soup.


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