migraine awareness infographic

Download a pdf version of this migraine infographic.

Millions of people all over the world suffer from migraines every day. Migraines know no bounds, affecting people from all walks of life, age, and gender. People suffering from migraines experience unimaginable debilitating pains. Unfortunately, many are not well-informed about the seriousness of migraines. The lack of awareness causes social stigma and a dismissive view of migraines. Because of this, migraine sufferers often feel isolated, misunderstood, and may even fail to seek the medical help they need to get better. So, how much do you really know about migraines?

  • 20 million migraine attacks occur everyday worldwide

  • 3x more women are affected by migraines than men. After puberty, estrogen fluctuations in the female body make women 3x more susceptible to migraines than men.

  • 1 out of every 20 children suffer from migraines

  • 25% of women and a average of 8% of men will suffer from migraines sometime in their life.

  • 10% of children between ages 5-15 suffer from migraines.

  • 50% of affected women suffer more than one migraine a month.

  • 62% of migraines in kids last more than 24 hours.

  • Migraines become chronic migraines when they occur 15 days or more a month or more than 24 months.

  • Boys are equally affected by migraines as girls.

Migraines around the world

  • North America | Women-22% Men-8%

  • South America | Women-17% Men-8%

  • Africa | Women-7% Men-3%

  • Asia | Women-10% Men-3%

  • Europe | Women-15% Men-7%

– See more at: http://blog.advancedmigraine.com/blog/bid/295843/Migraine-Infographic-How-Much-Do-You-Know-About-Migraines#sthash.UvnRyviZ.dpuf


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