How Music Can Help Patients Recover From Surgery And Strokes

Music therapists have been working to help patients for decades. In recent years, research on music and the brain has indicated listening to songs can help patients with a wide range of medical problems, including sleep disorders and strokes. Classical guitarist Andrew Schulman says music helped him recover from a coma. While he’s not a music therapist, he now works with doctors in intensive care units at Mount Sinai Beth Israel hospital in New York and Berkshire Medical Center in Massachusetts. He plays his guitar to help stabilize patients blood pressure and heart rates after surgery. A look at how music is being used to aid patients recover from medical conditions.


  • Dr. Marvin McMillen trauma surgeon, Berkshire Medical Center in Massachusetts; Clinical Professor of Surgery, University of Massachusetts; former director of the Intensive Care Unit, Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in New York
  • Connie Tomaino board certified music therapist; executive director and co-founder, Institute for Music and Neurologic Function
  • Andrew Schulman professional classical guitarist; author, “Waking The Spirit;” medical musician; Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield, Massachusetts; resident musician, Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in New York City
  • Aniruddh Patel psychology professor, Tufts University; senior fellow, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research; author, “Music and the Brain,” part of “The Great Courses” lecture series
  • John Powell physicist and musician; author, “Why You Love Music,” and “How Music Works”

Read An Excerpt From ‘Waking The Spirit’

Excerpted from WAKING THE SPIRIT by Andrew Schulman, with an Afterword by Marvin A. McMillen, M.D., FACS, MACP. Published by Picador. Copyright © 2016 by Andrew Schulman. Afterword copyright © 2016 by Marvin A. McMillen. All rights reserved.

Waking The Spirit by wamu885 on Scribd

Watch: Lecture On Music And The Brain

Watch a preview of Dr. Patel’s “Music and the Brain” class. You can learn more here. Songs That Help ICU Patients

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