Pros and Cons of Cheap Protein Powder




There are tons of cheap protein powder on the market lately, promising to be the same or in some cases better than the premium well known products, but is it true?

First of all is there any difference in quality between premium protein and cheap protein powder. The short answer is absolutely YES, but it’s not that simple. I will explain the differences and my personal experience and how you can save on protein even with the premium brands.

Let start with the cons and the pros for cheap protein powder and then get into the actual differences that you will feel on your body, because the differences on paper and the actual differences are not the same and this will be explained in details below.

Cheap Protein Powder Cons

New Brand

This might seem like it’s not a pro or a con but it’s a con for sure. With a new brand, a lot of promises can come all masked with a cheaper price tag. They usually have all the best quality checks and everything else that will check all of your boxes and they might look like they are even better than the popular premium brands and with a much cheaper price.


The reality is: with new brands you don’t know what you are getting and you can’t find reviews to made up your mind and usually just few of them will stay in the market for longer time and big percent of them are just buying and adding their label as their brand. In the end it is up to you if you want to go for the new “premium” brand that is offering Cheap Protein Powder.

Harmful substances

You might not know but this is one of the biggest differences between premium and Cheap Protein Powder – how pure is the protein. There are a lot of cheap and also few expensive brands that contain some pesticides and other residues that are harmful for your body and some of them might be cancerous or allergenic.

This should be one of the primary things you need to watch for when shopping for any kind of supplement or protein not just Cheap Protein Powder.

Quality of the Protein

Whey Protein is a byproduct made from processing milk. In the end the difference in price between Premium and Cheap Protein Powder is the quality of the milk used for making whey. There is a big price difference using milk from organic cows and industrial cow. The milk from industrial cows contains heavy metals, antibiotics, hormones, etc. Also there is another factor that will influence in the quality such as: how the whey is produced and how many quality checks are performed.


In reality it is really hard to get the information on how your protein you use is made and what kind of milk is used but essentially is believed the Premium brands of Whey protein are using the best processes and milk for producing whey protein contrary to the Cheap Protein Powders we see on the market.

Pros of the Cheap Protein Powder

Cheap Price Tag

There is nothing more to say, it’s cheaper and sometimes we don’t have the possibility to pay for premium brand, especially if you are planning to use protein in a long term, it can make a huge difference in cost.

Same Quality as the Premium Ones

Some of the Cheap Protein Powder that is in the market is as good as the premium brands that we all know. In this scenario the premium brands protein powder is more expensive because of the brand as they value their brand more. It’s the same as cloths, you have a $500 T-Shirt and a $15 one and there is no difference in quality you just pay extra (a lot of extra) for the brand. You need to decide if you need protein for results or you want to pay more just because of the brand.

We covered the pros and cons and it might look like there are not enough pros for the Cheap Protein Powder but that is not the case. Essentially you can find a well-priced protein that will be of a high quality if you ignore the brands and read the reviews and the labeling.

Are there any real differences in performance?

The answer is NO! I have tried almost every brand of protein from the Premium expensive brands to the unknown Cheap Protein Powder brands and I can tell you there is no BIG difference in the end result.


All of the big Brands would have you believe that there is a difference, that their brand is better and you will get better results and they are backing that with their case studies that are made by them or private company they paid for the case study. I will just say don’t believe in all of that bullcrap, case studies are easily manipulated and that is proven numerous time and lot of the private research papers are not considered as valid in the scientific world.

But have in mind that some of the Cheap Protein Powder are not healthy at all and you probably will have the same result but you might pay extra with your health if you are planning to use them in the long run.

Now I will revile my BIG secret on how to save ton of money with more expensive brands or any other brand!

The secret is consuming less; I know its defying the logic but consuming less will mostly not make any difference in your gains.

I have a few close friends that are in medicine and they have shown me that a human body cannot digest more then 20-25 grams of protein in one meal. Essentially 20-25 Grams is the maximum that some of us can consume at once, everything more will just end up in the toilet. And of course I was intrigued by this and I believed that this might not matter for people who are exercising regularly, especially if you are gym-nerd like me, we should be able to consume more protein in one meal as our body have a need for it.

I decided to put this on the test and started consuming between 1/2 and 2/3 of regular coup dosage. I was doing this for more than 4 months and I didn’t notice any difference then consuming it normally. My mind was blown away; I know how it sounds but this for me was a revelation. In my case usually one container of way protein lasts around a month, and now it can last up to two months.

The image is from my protein and how much I consume per cup.

whey protein full and half cup

Do what you want with this information, but I highly suggest you try it out and you will see for yourself. This is not only for whey protein it’s for any kind of protein source you are consuming, just don’t overdo it with the protein.

If I missed something out let me know in the comments below we can continue this topic.

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